Our Clients

Up until recently we have only been working with large Waste Clients who spend in excess of $100,000 on their aggregated Waste costs per year, but are now in a position to offer this service to all Waste customers with the online WasteCheck service.

To Date some of the Clients we have been working with include the following:

  • Vinnies Canberra & Goulburn Archdiocese; $54,000 annualised savings / 100m3+ Recycling Improvement / 14 Retail Locations

  • One of ACT’s Largest Car Dealerships; $37,000 annualised savings / 400m3+ Recycling Improvement / 9 x Dealerships Reviewed to date

  • Large ACT Shopping Centre (work in progress); $40,000 - $60,000 annualised savings identified / 100m3 + Recycling Improvement

  • 150+ NSW EPA Bin Trim Business Participants; 300m+ Recycling Improvement (Hotels/Clubs, Chemists, Cafés etc)

  • Two ACT North Side Clubs; $27,000 annualised savings

  • Multiple Education Facilities in ACT & NSW

  • One of Australia’s largest Blue Chip Facility Managers; $89,000 / 1,104m Recycling Improvement / 6 x Facilities assessed to date

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